Midvinterblot joining Grimner’s Czech Republic tour!

Friends! Events are certainly transpiring!

In late May, Swedish Folk Metal Warriors Grimner set sails for Czech Republic for the very first time!

Hearing the call to arms, Midvinterblot raised their heads from the long tables, snorted at each other and decided to follow!

In addition to the Swedish parties, legendary Bucovina (Rom), fearsome Warbell (Pol), and mystical Svaskalver (Ru) will partake in three folk metal raids across the land:

May 25 – MC Fabrika, Budweis
May 26 – Rock Klub Nová Chmelnice – Official , Prague
May 27 – Barrák music club, Ostrava

Ticket info will follow!

Folk ‘n Troll!

Hey, you?

Do you hear them? Do you hear the sounds of labour and songs from the depths?skiva2-1

They are warnings, promises; of ecstatic moments and days-to-twilight-to-dawn, and of that weird state of mind you may find yourself in at four in the morning when you are squeezing the last little juices out of “just a chill evening with some friends”.

Skymning has been heard for ninety days; now it can also be held! For 150 kr (SEK), you can get your very own copy of the album to listen to, pose with, decorate your infant’s mobile with, and generally become the coolest kid on the block with!

So let your lips flutter like sparrow’s flight of what you have read, get on to www.midvinterblot.com/merch and fill that hole of Skymning-not-having today!

Keep Folkin’ and Trollin’!