We are all psyched about the upcoming album, but that enthusiasm is curbed by the fact that our beloved Trollgumma – Pamela Wasiluk, will not participate. Pamela writes (original Swedish below this announcement):

“Sometimes in life you are faced with difficult choices, and now I have needed to make one of those. Because of personal reasons as well as disagreements within the band I have decided to take a break from Midvinterblot for the time being, which means that I will not participate on the upcoming release. I hope for understanding and support from You guys. I’ll see you in a near future.”

We wish Pamela all the well in the world and hope to have her back soon.

“Ibland står man framför svåra val i livet och just det valet har jag behövt göra. På grund av privata angelägenheter samt meningsskillnader inom bandet har jag valt att ta paus från bandet tills vidare och därmed inte kunnat medverka på den kommande skivan. Jag hoppas på förståelse och stöd från Er. Vi ses inom en snar framtid.”
-Pamela ‘Trollgumma’ Wasiluk