Linköping Folk Extravaganza!

On the tenth of February, folkn’trollers, about-inebriation-singers and general cool guys Midvinterblot will open an evening of Folk Metal Fantasticness for you fabulius fighters!

Supported by Midvinterblot are the heroes of Grimner, celebrating ten years of closing in on the skies above!

And the amazing headliners are Folk Metal legends Månegarm, lending over twenty years of experience and mastery to an already dream-like night!

So come one, come all, to Hell Yeah Rock Club, and Palatset in Linköping; let your fires blot out the stars!


Thanks for your warmth and intensity!

Thanks for your dancing and singing!

Thanks for your smiles and your fury!

We’ll meet again!

This fall so far:

A lot has been – and is – happening: we’ve had three entertaining and very different shows since August, new material is being processed through the normal Midvinterblot method of having a container, filling it to the brim, and then beating it senselessly with an axe as we do not understand how causation works. However, pieces are then picked uo and glued together and that results in FUN, so something is done right!


Oh! And we discovered something called an “instant gram”, which has nothing to do with weight, for some reason, but there’s that, no judging here.

As to the future of twen-ty-sev-en-teen, there are two more shows in Sweden in December (Varberg the 2nd and Karlskoga the 9th), so come one, come all and… Do stuff!


With us!




Midvinterblot joining Grimner’s Czech Republic tour!

Friends! Events are certainly transpiring!

In late May, Swedish Folk Metal Warriors Grimner set sails for Czech Republic for the very first time!

Hearing the call to arms, Midvinterblot raised their heads from the long tables, snorted at each other and decided to follow!

In addition to the Swedish parties, legendary Bucovina (Rom), fearsome Warbell (Pol), and mystical Svaskalver (Ru) will partake in three folk metal raids across the land:

May 25 – MC Fabrika, Budweis
May 26 – Rock Klub Nová Chmelnice – Official , Prague
May 27 – Barrák music club, Ostrava

Ticket info will follow!

Folk ‘n Troll!